YouTube Marketing Certification Course

Enhancing Digital Learning with YouTube Marketing

What is YouTube Marketing course all about?

Utilizing this particular video platform for popularizing the business is an effective strategy developed in this digitalized world. This prospect of advertising the services in the YouTube platform is referred to as the YouTube Marketing.

This YouTube Marketing facility have benefitted the companies and the customers a lot in all aspects. There is a significant rise in the user traffic of these particular website companies. But, since it is a very creative and complicated task, the amateurs must have to pursue the YouTube Marketing courses.

It is here that we come into the picture. Being one of the leading digital marketing courses in Mumbai every course at DigiPro Crafts assists the beginners to become dexterous in this field. For such beginners, DigiPro Crafts have availed the YouTube Marketing Courses to assist the aspirants in this digital field of advertising.

YouTube Marketing

Course Components

  • Introduction to Video Marketing
  • Video Sharing Sites
  • Effective Video Marketing Tools
  • How to Do Video Marketing Right way?
  • Video Marketing Tips and Tricks
  • YouTube Marketing Success
  • Make Money with Youtube Videos

Features of Instagram Marketing course

Creative Ways

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing Course teaches the aspirants the creative ways of advertising the companies in the video platforms so that, the users could get influenced in by the services and the respective companies.


YouTube Marketing

Various kinds of strategies are also taught in these courses which enhances the advertising techniques of the creative brains pursuing the courses.

Quality and effective graphics

YouTube Marketing

Utilization of quality and effective graphics for making the advertisements attractive is also a significant curriculum taught in these courses.

Why YouTube Marketing course is required?

To rise in this digitalized field, the companies must have to advertise their services in the digital platforms. So, the companies are equally interested in appointing the professionals in the field of YouTube Marketing, as it contributes a significant part in the digital marketing world. However, one has to pursue the courses from the reputed institution to succeed in this field.

DigiPro Crafts Training Institute (DPCTI) comprises of the professional and well-experienced teachers which guide the beginners in the most appropriate manner. Also, the implementation of modern techniques enhances the quality of teaching. This makes DigiPro Crafts the top YouTube Marketing Training Institute in Mumbai.

Benefits of YouTube Marketing course with DigiPro Crafts

Some of the essential benefits availed by the YouTube Marketing Courses are as follows:

  • In-depth and segment-wise learning of YouTube marketing and helping to secure optimal career in the digital arena.
  • Understanding the current popularity for video streamed content, YouTube marketing course is an untapped field of expertise where the opportunities to grow are ample.
  • Building proficiency in targeting the right audiences through YouTube marketing is one of the best strategies to learn at DigiPro Crafts.  
  • Analytical understanding in filtering the right videos for the YouTube platform to gain the maximum views and conversations is the cornerstone of learning YouTube marketing at DigiPro Crafts.
  • Real-time practical training modules, post guidance, and advice for executing YouTube marketing are additional unmatched perks you earn with DigiPro Crafts.

With the quality faculties, infrastructures and standards of teaching at DigiPro Crafts Training Institute (DPCTI), one could quickly gain the concepts of YouTube Marketing.

A Training FAQ on YouTube Marketing course

Am I applicable for this course?

DigiPro Crafts Training institute is recognized to be one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Mumbai and therefore believes that everyone can be competent enough to undertake this course.

Why YouTube Marketing course from DigiPro Crafts?

The seasoned faculty members at DigiPro Training Institute get to each learner individually and help in solving every kind of query with equal sincerity and attention. We ensure learning YouTube Marketing wholly and taking optimal advantage from the same.

Will my resume have any additional value with certification in YouTube Marketing?

Definitely! In this rising digital age where users have steered their inclination towards video streamed content more than readable content, the gravity of YouTube Marketing is seamless.

What if I feel YouTube Marketing is not the right choice for me?

We would completely understand that! To us, every learner is unique and has their distinctive potential to outshine in their bright career landscapes. If at any time you feel you are not right for YouTube Marketing or any other respective course, please feel free to talk to us and together we can explore a new pathway for you.

What is the duration of YouTube Marketing course?

The average hours required to complete the advanced YouTube Marketing course is about 15 – 20 hours.

How much a certified YouTube Marketing course professional earn annually?

It varies as per the market and industry but as a professional you can earn 3,00,000 to 4,00,000 annually.


Will be certified after I complete the course?

Yes, you will be awarded a certificate from DigiPro Crafts after completion of the course.

Is there any separate fee for appearing the exam?

NO. The course fee is inclusive of everything, including the training material.

How can I access the training material?

Once you enroll, you will be having the access to Google Plus Marketing training course material, which consists of downloadable workbooks and test components.

If I enroll, the Facebook Marketing course what will be the course fee?

The course on advanced Facebook Marketing course will cost you 25,000/-.

Are there any payment installment options?

We understand this for that we support students. You have the options to make payments in two installments.


What is the procedure for enrolling the course?

It’s easy!!! You just need to fill the enrollment form by going into the course page. You can choose the options to make payment online.

    • Visa Credit or Debit card
    • MasterCard
    • Cash / Cheque

Once you made the payment, a confirmation email will be shared with you along with the payment receipt.


In case if I miss any class, what will happen?

No need to worry. In case if you missed the class, we provide 15 hours of free back-up classes.

In case if someone doesn’t pass the exam in the first go, what will happen?

DigiPro Crafts trainer give special attention to each student to make sure that they pass their exams in one go itself. However, if some do not, we will train the person once again at no extra cost.

Will DigiPro assist us to get a job?

Yes, we will be assisting our students for lining up interviews.

Interested in undertaking YouTube Marketing course. What should be my next step?

We are delighted!

Click to the contact us page placed at the extreme right corner of the page and get started.

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