Web Analytics: The Ultimate Score Card of Your Website!

Web Analytics

One of the most profiting aspects of digital marketing is that unlike traditional marketing, direct sales can be measured. The systematically fetched out data from various clicks, impressions, positions etc. helps to identify the progressive route of a business’s online promotion. This measurement and analysis of data to get a clear idea of user behavior across web pages are known as Web Analytics. The core areas of web analytics are seeing and measuring how many users visit, how long they stay, how many pages they visit, which pages they visit, and whether they arrive by following a link and such as many more. This blog will further delve into a more clearer understanding of web analytics and sheds light on why it is so important for businesses marketing online.

The Magnitude of Web Analytics

Understanding web analytics is not an easy task. Finest digital marketing agency in Navi Mumbai are hired to perform and fetch out data on web analytics. This demand is primarily because of the businesses promoting online needs to see through key performance indicators that help them to analyze their site performance. Additionally, this also helps locate functional areas of improvement, thereby taking an approach to purchase conversion rate.

In order to create an enhanced user experience for website visitors, procuring essential insights and data from web analytics is vital. The gateway to optimize a website for key conversion metrics can be possible only if the customer behavior is understood and comprehended accurately. To site an example, web analytics shows popular pages on your website with various suggestions on which popular paths to opt for a smart purchase. What is even more worth-mentioning fact here is that web analytics gets you accurate results on the campaigns that have been launched. This information adequately aids in the future efforts invested in online campaigning.

Web Analytics

The Mechanism of Web Analytics

Google analytics is a professional tool and only seasoned experts can manage to fetch out accurate data and optimize the website and various campaigns appropriately. A recognized digital marketing agency in Navi Mumbaiuses analytics tools by tagging them onto the respective business’s website pages and inserting a snippet of JavaScript in the web page’s code as well. These tags methodically generate data whenever the respective web page gets a visitor or a link to it has been clicked. Information like device, browser and geographic location (via IP address) can also be simultaneously gathered from these tags. The leverage to track individual sessions and determining repeat visits from the same browser is enabled via web analytics.

Few of the most commonly used web analytics tools are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Piwik
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Kissmetrics
  • Mixpanel
  • CrazyEgg Clicktale

To operate and fetch out data from web analytics, it is imperative to learn it first. DigiPro Crafts – Digital Marketing Training Institute, DPCTI is known to be one of the most accredited institutions for giving the best digital marketing classes in Mumbai. From theoretical assessments to practical real-time experiences, DPCTI ensures that each and every aspirant becomes a complete pro in their respective domain of learning.  Being a verified Google partner, it provides certified Google certification courses in Google analytics and also aids learners in getting placements opportunities in reputed digital marketing agencies.

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