Voice Search SEO – Rise Above Google Rankings Now!

Voice Search SEO

People all over the globe are going to continue to use flight search on tablets, mobile and voice assistance like Amazon echo, OK Google, etc. So, we need to think about the effect on the future of search. Voice Search SEO forms an important aspect of Online Digital Marketing Courses.

What is Voice Search SEO?

Voice search is an impending technology that allows everyone to access internet search results using a smart device and their voice. This type of search is still in its early stage but it has been growing rapidly with an increasing rate in recent times.

How does voice search differ from Text Search?

Voice search differs from Text search. While a text query is one to three words, a spoken query is three or more words. This affects SEO. The longer query strings from voice search tend to provide richer user internal data. They tend to ask questions like who, what, where and how with the expectations that search engines will provide an answer.

Voice Search and Websites

Voice searcher is looking for quick answers. Content answering specific questions will make your site a go-to resource. The same says the best Digital Marketing Agency in Navi Mumbai.

Voice Search SEO

How to optimize for voice search?

Voice searches use your voice to search for things via a compatible device such as the smartphone or smart home device. The device then fulfills your command or answers your questions. 

You can use voice search in many different ways but they boil down to four main categories. They are:

• Answering simple questions.

• Searching Nearby.

• Learning how to do something.

• Purchasing an item.

Some of the largest voice search players include Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google assistant but there are many others. But how do they know what to say? There is a lot to the mechanics behind voice search. The simpler version to the mechanics are as follows:

• First, the device transcribes your spoken request into text.

• Next, it analyzes that text to figure out what you are asking or commanding.

• Then it connects to external data sources such as search engines to find relevant information.

• Finally, it translates that information to create an answer in the format that you will understand.

Voice Search SEO Stats
Voice Search SEO Stats

Why it is important?

The main statistic that people throw around is one from Google in 2016 that sighted that 20% of queries on the Google mobile app and on Android devices are voice searches and some predict up to 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. Voice search is becoming an increasingly important part of your Search Engine Optimization.

Integrate voice search with SEO here at DigiPro Crafts- Digital Marketing Training Institute, DPCTI.

With the widest range of Online Digital Marketing Courses among which Voice Search SEO is one of the major courses, DPCTI has been seasoning in generating ace learning for years.

Established as one of the best Digital Marketing Agency in Navi Mumbai. DPCTI effectually provides in-depth knowledge and ceiling coverage on Voice Search SEO along with both theoretical and practical assessments. Few of the notable highlights taught on this course are:

• What is Voice Search SEO?

• What does Voice Search do?

• How to optimize for voice search?

• How visual and voice search are revitalizing?

• The Role of SEO.

• Voice Search Optimization for higher education.

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