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What is the role of big data in digital marketing?

The days of executing marketing decisions and strategies in primitive ways based on mere intuition and experience are gone. With the massive advancement and consistent evolution taking place in the digital realm, the scopes of attaining a far more advanced mode of marketing on the digital platform is now a…

Voice Search SEO

Voice Search SEO – Rise Above Google Rankings Now!

People all over the globe are going to continue to use flight search on tablets, mobile and voice assistance like Amazon echo, OK Google, etc. So, we need to think about the effect on the future of search. Voice Search SEO forms an important aspect of Online Digital Marketing Courses.…

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization – Understanding User Behavior.

Have you ever heard of Conversion Rate Optimization? Making certain modifications on your website could be daunting. What if your conversion rate goes down? What if traffic engagements reduce gradually? What if the changes end up hurting your business as a whole? All of these concerns are totally valid and…

Brand Equity on Social Media

How Advertising Awareness is Affecting Brand Equity on Social Media? Simplified Below!

A platform that has attracted billions of people and companies together to interact, Social Media plays a major role in revolutionizing a business’s marketing strategy completely. Let us understand what are the effects of advertising awareness on brand equity on social media. It has been acknowledged immensely how advertising influences…

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