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This is an era of consumerism. People consume those which look good. Yes, quality is very much important to sell any product whether it is tangible or non-tangible, but a good advertise of something makes a good impact among people, thus every business entity and big companies are always trying to promote their products or services at the best level possible and for this, digital marketing professionals are needed.

Why Digital Marketing, not old classic style of marketing?

If, we consider the social media as a country, the number of citizens there is more than any large country or continent. They are netizens. That is the reason how Digital Marketing allows you to get  a number of consumers far off your imagination. Offline marketing never can do this.

Scope for persons who are looking for a job

If you are a careerist, thinking and looking for something special, Digital Marketing would be a great opportunity for you to make some never-ending sparks in your career.

It’s all about impact, what people think about a product, so a good advertising strategy is needed to sell that, to make it popular. All companies are looking and searching for that strategy and they are hiring digital marketing professionals to get that strategy, so a career with limitless earning is waving at you.

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    looking for a job

    You have to learn Digital Marketing. Where would you learn?

    There are so many institutes and training centers offering you a crash course on Digital Marketing, but how many of them may push you with practical oriented classes by the experts and give you google certification?

     Well, we are DigiPro Crafts Training Institute (DPCTI). We are proud of having some best experts of Digital Marketing with us. They are masters of the business. They train the students to make out the next gen of experts.

    Seminars by the maestros of the business

    Group discussions on the latest trends

    Regular practical classes under experts' supervision

    Tests in every week

    Everyday homework and every week project-work

    Video Classes

    Expert Assistance

    Grammar, Vocabulary & language training

    Google affiliated certificates

    Digital Marketing courses / components of Digital Marketing you should know well

    Google AdWords Certification Course
    • Google AdWords/Ads Certification
    • Google Analytics Certification
    • Google Tag Manager Certification
    Affiliate Marketing Certification Course
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Master in Digital Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    Social Media Marketing Certification Course
    • Social Media Marketing
      • Facebook Marketing
      • Twitter Marketing
      • LinkedIn Marketing
      • YouTube Marketing
      • Instagram Marketing
      • Google Plus Marketing

    Each of these branches of Digital Marketing is important to learn, each tool is very important with respect to popularise any product, making hike of this. A good Digital Marketing Professional should know how to operate well each of these tools and make an impact. DigiPro Crafts trainers teach you every aspect of these and let you learn by practicals, project-works, video analysis, discussions. Special seminars are organized by the veterans of the industry, they share their stories with you, they tell you the path, advise you how to go and reach the milestones.

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