Google AdWords/Ads Certification Course

Create a digital impact with Google AdWords/Ads Certification Course

What is Google AdWords/Ads course all about?

Google AdWords/Ads is one of the finest online advertisement platform developed by Google giving away every business with a digital face the power to control and put on their advertisement either in the form of banners, newsletters, product listing or in any other form. Developing attributes like unique strategies and profound knowledge of the market condition along with the sense of the tools or techniques to showcase your ads and earn revenue for your business is all that is involved with Google AdWords.

Implicating 15-course components, the Google AdWords/Ads Certification (SEM & PPC) course is all about learning the techniques and strategies of building up ad campaigns for a business. It also involves mastering the various ad forms and learning the in and out of the Google AdWords platform.

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    Course Components

    • AdWords Fundamentals
    • Campaign Setup
    • Search Campaign Creation
    • Bidding Management
    • Search Campaign Optimization
    • Ad Copy Optimization
    • Dynamic Ads
    • Conversion Tracking

    More Course Components

    • Ad Extension & Match Types
    • Remarketing Campaign Setup
    • Mobile Ads
    • Shopping Ads
    • Video Ads
    • Performance Metrics
    • Ads Testing
    Google AdWords certification course

    Features of Google AdWords/Ads course

    At DigiPro Crafts Training Institute (DPCTI) you learn the best ways of mastering every aspect of Google AdWords with the latest updated features and an advanced module with a step by step approach including

    • An introduction to Google AdWords and understanding of the basics and significance of Google AdWords
    • An elaborative introductory session on the various advertising networks
    • Setting up of account with Google AdWords
    • Learning the ways of starting an Ad campaign

    Mastering the strategies for budgeting and bidding for the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns

    • Setting up Ad Groups and Search Engine Marketing
    • Learn how to design potent landing pages
    • Grasp the idea of remarketing
    • Monitor campaigns and learns how to make reports while measuring success campaigns
    • Get prepared for Google certification exam with an extensive range of mock tests on AdWords Certification Exam

    Why Google AdWords/Ads course is required?

    The plethora of scope in the field of digital marketing is alone enough to prove that opportunities you can grasp with a Google AdWords/ads certification (SEM & PPC) course. While a number of IT giants across the globe are entering into metros in India, a prudent Digital Marketing course in Mumbai can rocket-boost your career.

    If you are a professional and already know the vibe of the corporate world and have seen the way people are getting promoted with better salary hikes, Google AdWords certification course with DigiPro Crafts Training Institute (DPCTI) can be added advantages to your areas of excellence.

    Benefits of Google AdWords/Ads course with DigiPro Crafts

    DigiPro Crafts Training Institute (DPCTI) is profound among the leading digital marketing institutes in the country providing with the most interactive way of learning and in the most economical ways. Among the loved benefits you get from us, we leverage you with

    Flexible Training

    Google AdWords certification course

    Flexible training options and course timings generally fitting the needs of every professional.

    100% Placement

    Google AdWords certification course

    100% placement guaranteed in the top MNCs and IT giants in the country with a dream package

    Skilled Trainers

    Google AdWords certification course

    Learn from intellectual mentors & skilled trainers from IITs and industry experts.

    Interactive Training

    Google AdWords certification course

    An interactive training session and a fun way of learning at DigiPro Crafts keep you focused and learn new techniques in an effective way.

    A Training FAQ on Google AdWords/Ads course

    Am I eligible for Google AdWords course?

    There are no such eligibility criteria that are followed at DigiPro Crafts. Yes, surely you can choose the certification course if you think you are ready enough to enter the professional world.

    How long does it takes get AdWords certification?

    There are different course modules and timing based on the requirement of professionals or newbies. Generally, it takes around 30-40 hours to complete the entire course schedule.

    Does the course modules cover every aspect of SEO?

    No, Google AdWords is based on Search Engine Marketing and not on the entire syllabus of Search Engine Optimization.

    What opportunities can Google AdWords certification provide me with?

    AdWords certification has a high-end scope for all the marketers in almost all the IT sector companies. If you are keen and interested to step into framing strategies and learning techniques of marketing advertisement, this certification course can get you to the height of your professional career.

    How much a certified Google AdWords/Ads professional earn annually?

    It varies as per the market and industry but as a professional you can earn 3,00,000 to 4,00,000 annually.

    Will be certified after I complete the course?

    Yes, you will be awarded a certificate from DigiPro Crafts after completion of the course.

    Is there any separate fee for appearing the exam?

    NO, the course fee in inclusive of everything including the training material.

    How can I access the training material?

    Once you enroll, you will be having the access of Google AdWords/Ads training course material, which consists of downloadable workbooks and test components.

    If I enroll, the Google Adwords/Ads Certification course what will be course fee?

    The course on advanced Google AdWords/Ads will cost you 25,000/-.

    Are there any payment installment options?

    We understand this for that we support students. You have the options to make payments in two installments.

    What’s the procedure for enrolling the course?

    Its easy!!! You just need to fill the enrollment form by going into the course page. You can choose the options to make payment online.

    • Visa Credit or Debit card
    • MasterCard
    • Cash / Cheque

    Once you made the payment a confirmation email will be shared with you along with the payment receipt.

    In case if I miss any class, what will happen?

    No need to worry. In case if you missed the class, we provide 15 hours of free back-up classes.

    Will DigiPro assist us to get a job?

    Yes, we will be assisting our students for lining up interviews.

    In case if someone doesn’t pass the exam in first go, what will happen?

    DigiPro Crafts trainer give special attention to each student to make sure that they pass their exams in one go itself. However, if some does not, we will train the person once again with no extra cost.

    Keen to learn the course. What should I do next?

    Gratitude on your prudent choice for the career. Click the Sign-Up button placed right below this.

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