Digital Marketing for Whom?

Everyone does not come forth to go to office for working 8 hours 6 days in a week and saying “Oh! Slavery!”

Some have strong intention to do job and earn a lot money with full of freedom, creativity, enthusiasm and above all, not being bossed by anyone. Which side are you on?

Think, think and think.

Most of the people go on the first side and take part in a rat race of getting employed by Govt. or tangling with others for a single post in a private company.

But, if you are one of those some people who want to work with freedom without being bossed as well as making money, then digital marketing as a freelancer would be a trendy hot cake career option for you!

Why it is the best career in 21st Century?

Nowadays the social media are grabbing the people of every age. So all big companies, business personalities are trying to impress their targeted customers on this virtual world too. This kind of situation has increased career opportunities on internet and it is increasing tremendously day by day. So, learning digital marketing and taking it as your career would be a smart decision for you none the less.

Why training is required?

Yes, a proper schooling of digital marketing is needed if you want to get hired for big projects by various companies, it will be good to say, you have to know the market, you have to understand the requirements of both your client, i.e the company or business organization who have hired you and their customers. Then only, you will be able to be a successful digital marketing freelancer. But a trial & error approach of you as digital marketing professional may end your career on the very first step. So, a proper training is required indeed.

Where would you learn?

A person or persons who are involved in digital marketing job, must be your best guide to show you the right way, DigiPro Crafts Training Institute (DPCTI) have some of the experts of this, they are the best in the industry.


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    Components of Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing is a vast subject. But don’t worry! DPCTI trainers teach you everything of it so that, it comes to be very easy for you.

    Here is the curriculum:

    Master in Digital Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

      • Facebook Marketing
      • Twitter Marketing
      • LinkedIn Marketing
      • YouTube Marketing
      • Instagram Marketing
      • Google Plus Marketing

    Google AdWords/Ads Certification

    Google Analytics Certification

    Affiliate Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization

    Email Marketing

    Google Tag Manager Certification

    Remember, coping up with the latest trend is the key of successful digital marketing. DigiPro Crafts Training Institute (DPCTI) organize a number of seminars for their students on this regard. Various group discussions are organized. Here the trainers show their students the path of success.

    Salient features


    Group Discussions on recent trends


    Seminars by the experts




    Project-works with the trainers

    Freelancers are always special among the others. They love their profession more than others, they are true professionals. Get trained from us, before stepping up in the industry, we make professionals. 

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