Facebook Marketing Certification Course

Facebook Marketing Course - The New Path of Digital Revolution

What is Facebook marketing course all about?

In simple term, Facebook marketing refers to promoting your product or services by targeting relevant Facebook users on the basis of specific demographic, geographic location & Interest.

  • It helps to position your business over the largest and most used social media service ever, in the shortest time possible.
  • It helps you to build a huge number of clients or customers in a quicker and safer way.
  • It helps you to productively contact your new and existing customers in order to scale your business into a whole new level of success.

Welcome to latest and most effective Facebook Marketing Certification Course designed to guide you through the process of positioning your business over Facebook easily and effectively. We excited to have you here and we know this will be very helpful for you.

Join DigiPro Crafts Training Institute (DPCTI) today and you will be able to know and strategies how to build a strong army of clients or customers 100% targeted to your business.

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    Course Components

    • Introduction to Marketing
    • Facebook Pages and Post Best Practices
    • Facebook Ads – Campaign Objectives
    • Facebook Ads – Targeting Audiences
    • Facebook Ads – Impactful Creatives
    • Facebook Ads – Optimization and Reporting
    • Facebook Ad Policies

    More Course Components

    • Facebook Messenger
    • Facebook Shop
    • Building Brand Awareness
    • Driving In-store Footfall
    • Facebook Pixel
    • Driving Online Sales
    • Generating Leads
    Facebook Marketing Certification Course

    Features of Facebook Marketing course

    There are some remarkable statistics about Facebook which show that it is the most effective vehicle in taking your business to the next level.


    Facebook Marketing Certification Course

    Over billion people are there on Facebook and 500,000 logins each and every day. This means new potential clients and customers join Facebook constantly. So there is constant engagement which is beneficiary for your business.

    Facebook Advertising

    Facebook Marketing Certification Course

    As with anything marketing related, you’re always going to optimize and test your ad campaign and marketing funnel. No matter how well your ads are working.

    Pitching Content Marketing

    Facebook Marketing Certification Course

    Content marketing is one of the important features of Facebook. Marketing goes well if the content is suitable for public attention.

    Facebook IQ

    Facebook Marketing Certification Course

    We can explore new studies, tools, and resources from Facebook IQ.

    Why Facebook Marketing course is required?

    In today’s era, social media has become a necessary platform to promote business. It is the fastest growing platform till date. It helps in compartmentalizing the different parts of our business. It helps in targeting a huge a lot in a small interval of time.

    Facebook forms a major part of that platform. Millions of potential clients and customers are getting into Facebook every day. So, if an individual wants his/her career in the digital world the Facebook Marketing course is a must-have.


    Benefits of Facebook Marketing course with DigiPro Crafts

    Target Audience

    Facebook Marketing Certification Course

    We brief you about how to find your targeted audience.


    Facebook Marketing Certification Course

    We educate you on the tactics of communicating your targeted audience and how to grab their immediate attention.

    Facebook Ads

    Facebook Marketing Certification Course

    We teach you how to find new potential customers by effectively using Facebook Ads Feature.


    Facebook Marketing Certification Course

    We teach you how to stand out from the rest of the crowd in the marketing industry.

    Brand awareness

    Facebook Marketing Certification Course

    We help you understand how Facebook Marketing works and how you can use the same for your client’s brand promotion.


    Facebook Marketing Certification Course

    We teach you how to do proper campaigns in order to promote brand awareness and increase your Facebook page reach.

    A Training FAQ on Facebook Marketing course

    Am I applicable for this course?

    DigiPro Crafts Training institute is recognized to be one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Mumbai and therefore believes that everyone can be competent enough to undertake this course.

    Why Facebook Marketing course is important?

    In this digitally sounded universe, being advanced with necessary virtual expertise has become extremely necessary. Facebook Marketing course at DigiPro Crafts Training institute teaches you the best methods of procuring profits from the social media platform.

    Can Facebook Marketing course be learned within one week itself?

    Unfortunately, no. Facebook Marketing course cannot be learned in mere one week’s time. Due to the involvement of a lot of digital strategy learning to initiate marketing proficiently from the social media platform, one needs to learn the entire course within a considerable amount of time.

    Will I be able to learn and grasp the training on Facebook Marketing course?

    Of course, yes! The seasoned faculty members at DigiPro Training Institute get to each learner individually and help in solving every kind of query with equal sincerity and attention. To us it’s all about learning wholly and taking optimal advantage from your opted course.


    What is the duration of Facebook Marketing course?

    The average hours required to complete the Facebook Marketing course is about 30 – 40 hours.

    How much a certified Facebook Marketing course professional earn annually?

    It varies as per the market and industry but as a professional you can earn 3,00,000 to 4,00,000 annually.


    Will be certified after I complete the course?

    Yes, you will be awarded a certificate from DigiPro Crafts after completion of the course.

    Is there any separate fee for appearing the exam?

    NO. The course fee is inclusive of everything, including the training material.

    How can I access the training material?

    Once you enroll, you will be having the access to Facebook Marketing training course material, which consists of downloadable workbooks and test components.


    If I enroll, the Facebook Marketing course what will be the course fee?

    The course on advanced Facebook Marketing course will cost you 25,000/-.

    Are there any payment installment options?

    We understand this for that we support students. You have the options to make payments in two installments.


    What is the procedure for enrolling the course?

    It’s easy!!! You just need to fill the enrollment form by going into the course page. You can choose the options to make payment online.

      • Visa Credit or Debit card
      • MasterCard
      • Cash / Cheque

    Once you made the payment, a confirmation email will be shared with you along with the payment receipt.


    In case if I miss any class, what will happen?

    No need to worry. In case if you missed the class, we provide 15 hours of free back-up classes.

    In case if someone doesn’t pass the exam in the first go, what will happen?

    DigiPro Crafts trainer give special attention to each student to make sure that they pass their exams in one go itself. However, if some do not, we will train the person once again at no extra cost.

    Will DigiPro assist us to get a job?

    Yes, we will be assisting our students for lining up interviews.

    Interested in undertaking Facebook Marketing course. What should be my next step?

    We are delighted! Click the Sign-Up button placed right below this.

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